Seasonal Onboarding

Seasonal & Part-Time Onboarding suite of courses!

Jump start your Seasonal & Part-time staff with online training!

Enroll your staff in this highly-useful suite of e-courses geared toward your seasonal & part-time staff and their supervisors! These e-courses were designed by leaders in the field as a powerful onboarding tool for parks and recreation agencies to bring CONSISTENCY and a COMPREHENSIVE approach to existing seasonal & part-time training. Purchase of this suite of e-courses grants you access to companion facilitation guides for your in-person training. These guides help you effectively reinforce the material learned in the e-courses.

The onboarding suite will continue to expand as priority content areas are identified. Currently, there are four courses available:

Core Courses

Foundations of Parks and Recreation

Learn about the history, purpose, and benefits associated with parks and recreation agencies. Gain an understanding of how important parks and recreation agencies are for the health of all communities.


  • Identify major events in the history of the park and recreation movement
  • Articulate the benefits park and recreation agencies provide to communities
  • Explain how your park and recreation services meet the needs of your community

Soft Skills and Professional Development:

Gain a thorough understanding of the importance of practicing soft skills in the park and recreation context. This course will allow you explore the many ways you can improve how you work with other people, both within your agency and external customers.


  • Effectively work with your teammates, volunteers, and supervisors at your agency.
  • Mitigate and address interpersonal conflicts with your coworkers and visitors.
  • Engage with the public and your agency’s users in a professional manner.

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Learn how to apply health and safety precautions in the workplace. Gain the understanding that safety is the most important facet in any parks and recreation position.


  • Protect your own and your visitors’ health and safety in the workplace
  • Identify a problem before it occurs by being observant and proactive
  • Communicate with your team about safety concerns you observe

Supplemental Courses

Interpretation Basics for Seasonals and Volunteers

This course covers some interpretation basics that new seasonal or part-time interpreters need to be familiar with.


  • Recognize interpretive skills from the Foundations of Interpretation course.
  • Define roving and informal interpretation.
  • Explain what an interpretive talk is.
  • Explain what a guided program is.
  • Identify components of roving, interpretive talks, and guided programs.
  • Identify methods to gather accurate information about the site and the audience.

Companion Facilitation Guides

Reinforcing online learning with in-person activities and discussions help your staff with content retention. During online learning, concepts and terminology are presented and the application of these concepts are better measured with in-person activities and discussions.

These facilitation guides are specifically designed for both small groups (of less than 10) or large groups (of more than 10). Each guide has tailored activities to help engage staff in ACTIVE LEARNING and DISCUSSION. The guides can be used as a framework to reinforce the materials learned in the Seasonal & Part-Time Onboarding e-courses. As a trainer of staff, you can select one or more of the activities to reinforce the materials covered in the e-courses. The activities described in the facilitation guides serve the following purposes:

  • Provides an opportunity for peers to learn from each other
  • Assists staff in retaining the information presented in the e-courses
  • Engages staff in active learning through group activities
  • Provides a sense of connection to YOUR agency mission and enhances seasonal & part-time staff morale

Getting Started

Select Plan

Select and purchase the licensing plan for your organization


Your registration code will arrive via email


Your staff use the registration code to enroll on


Your staff complete the course on proValensLearning

Getting started is easy. Select your number of licenses, corresponding to the number of people you would like to enroll in the suite of courses, and click select plan. After you complete the transaction, you will receive a learning credit code to distribute to your employees allowing them to register for the suite of courses. Click here to enroll.

Since this is a limited time offer for 2018, agency purchasing is only available until August 1, 2018. Once your employees enroll in the suite of courses, they have up to 90 days, or before December 31, 2018 (whichever comes first), to complete the course.

Plans Number of Licenses License Duration* Price
Individual 1 90 days $20 Select Plan
Crew 10 90 days $150
Squad 20 90 days $259
Team 50 90 Days $599
Division 100 90 Days $999
Organization 250 90 Days $1,799
Mega 400 90 Days $1,999
Bigger >400 - Contact us Contact Us

* License Duration - Seasonal & Part-Time employee have access to the Seasonal & Part-Time Suite for 90 days from date of enrollment.


Don't forget to select a license plan for your organization. Checkout the Getting Started section.


Select Trainer to enroll into the Seasonal Onboarding - Trainer Headquarters to gain access to the Facilitator Guides and eCourses that enhance the trainer experience.


Select Student to enroll, if you are part of organization, remember to use the Learning Credits code provided by your Trainer

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