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Explore the history, philosophy, and application of wilderness law and policy in the United States.This sixteen-week course of study provides a comprehensive understanding of the basics of management in designated wilderness areas.This Certificate is designed for seasonal Wilderness rangers, federal personnel working near or with an interest in Wilderness Stewardship.

This Certificate is designed for seasonal Wilderness rangers and federal personnel working near Wilderness or with an interest in Wilderness Stewardship.


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The basics certificate includes four online courses that explore the history, philosophy, and application of wilderness law, regulation, and policy in the United States. The assignments focus on scenario-based problem-solving and application to real-world wilderness management issues.
This certificate provides a solid understanding of the importance of wilderness protection and the unique application resource protection practices in our National Wilderness Preservation System.

Course Schedule

This course follows a twelve-week schedule that includes four online courses and assessments, five written assignments, and participation in a discussion forum.

Elements of the course:

  • Online discussion forum
  • A virtual classroom site for navigating courses, managing assignments and feedback
  • Four Interactive, self-study e-courses
  • Companion assignments, which apply wilderness knowledge and technical skills
  • Feedback on written assignments

Following each course, you will complete an assessment which requires you to demonstrate your understanding of key course concepts. In addition, you will complete five written assignments that challenge you to apply the information from the courses to specific management scenarios as well as Wilderness Areas with which you are familiar.

The courses included in this certificate program are:

  • The Wilderness Act of 1964
  • Deciding to Keep Wilderness Wild: Four Cornerstones for Wilderness Management
  • Writing a Minimum Requirements Analysis
  • Wilderness Stewardship Planning Framework

Learn To

  1. Identify and describe wilderness character
  2. State prohibited uses of wilderness and exceptions to these prohibitions
  3. Describe the special provisions made by the Wilderness Act
  4. Distinguish between wild/untrammeled and natural conditions
  5. Identify and describe how to protect wilderness benefits
  6. Define and explain the concept of minimum requirements, and the process used for determining whether action is necessary and the minimum activity used to achieve that action
  7. Describe the approach of managing wilderness as a whole

Recommended Background

This Certificate is ideal for those working in public lands near or adjacent to Wilderness Areas who would like to better understand the unique management strategies and challenges of the National Wilderness Preservation System.


Aside from an internet connection, what resources will I need for the course?
No additional resources are required for this course.

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?
Yes! All courses include a final assessment to evaluate your understanding of key course concepts. A certificate of completion will be offered to you if you complete the assessment with a score of 80% or higher. You will earn a certificate of completion for a certificate program after completing all program assignments and the assessments with a score of 80% or higher.

Why should I take this course?
Each Eppley e-course is designed collaboratively among experienced instructional designers, subject matter experts, and our partner organizations and institutions. The course curriculum includes current information and best practices in the field and is recognized by national leaders in parks, recreation, and land management. Not only will this course benefit your career by expanding your knowledge base, but it will also enhance your application and problem-solving skills.

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