Coaching for Interpretive Success

Explore the skills needed to be an effective interpretive coach. Coaching others to develop and deliver meaningful interpretation is rewarding because you multiply the opportunities for visitors to understand the relevance and significance of our resources. It gives you the chance to share your passion.





This course was developed for those who serve, or who wish to serve, as interpretive coaches. Meaningful interpretation shapes lasting memories, enhances visitor enjoyment, and inspires conservation of our shared heritage. Developing and delivering meaningful interpretive products and services creates a deep sense of satisfaction that comes from positively contributing to society and the environment. Coaching others to develop and deliver meaningful interpretation is rewarding because you multiply the opportunities for visitors to understand the relevance and significance of our resources. It gives you the chance to share your passion.

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Course Schedule

This course is self-paced allowing you flexibility in the time needed to complete the course. You decide the order and progression you’d like to take, allowing you to revisit and review sections in greater depth as needed.

Elements of the course:

  • Informational text
  • Interactive practice activities
  • Engaging video
  • Learn More opportunities
  • Supplemental reference materials
  • Informal assessment quizzes
  • Final assessment

Following the course, you will complete an assessment which requires you to demonstrate your understanding of key course concepts. Upon successful completion of the assessment you will be awarded an electronic certificate of completion.

Course Chapters

  • Interpretive Coaching
  • Interpretive Effectiveness
  • Coaching Effectiveness
  • The Coaching Process
  • Evaluating the Coach
  • Conclusion

Be able to:

  • Define differences between coaching and training.
  • Describe elements of interpretation that effective coaching can positively impact.
  • Describe approaches and techniques that effective coaches utilize.
  • Explain how to coach other interpreters using positive verbal and written feedback.
  • Analyze and provide feedback on the effectiveness of coaching methods using evaluative feedback and self-assessment.

Recommended Background

It is recommended that students taking this course have experience in interpretation. There are no required prerequisites, but it is recommended that students complete the free Foundations of Interpretation course prior to taking this one.


Aside from an internet connection, what resources will I need for the course?

No additional resources are required for this course.

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes! All courses include a final assessment to evaluate your understanding of key course concepts. A certificate of completion will be offered to you if you complete the assessment with a score of 80% or higher.

Why should I take this course?

Each Eppley e-course is designed collaboratively among experienced instructional designers, subject matter experts, and our partner organizations and institutions. The course curriculum includes current information and best practices in the field, and it is recognized by national leaders in parks, recreation, and land management. Not only will this course benefit your career by expanding your knowledge base, but it will also enhance your application and roblem-solving skills. For more frequently asked questions, please visit our Help Center.


Good InformationReview by John
I particularly liked the sections on how to provide oral and written feedback to an interpreter in a coaching session. I would like to see more videos, like the Redwood one, and have exercises on feedback. (Posted on 8/30/2019)
short, specific, great courseReview by Greg
I liked the course. It was all pertinent,specific just enough (Posted on 3/4/2019)
Good courseReview by Mark
This should be reinforced with expectation of interpretative reviews done in the field. A measurement that is used in the reviewers evaluation to complete the loop and insure that it is being completed in the field. (Posted on 1/3/2019)
It was a lot of reading and repetitionReview by Rebecca
The knowledge exhibited in this course was comprehensive and addressed every thing I needed to learn in order to begin my foray into coaching. This is a great place for your coaching training to begin exploring other avenues of information dissemination. Have you considered adding more videos? Much of the information you shared with us could be converted to a video format in order to engage with future coaches in more than one learning style. Including a video example of someone giving positive, provisional, and specific feedback would have demonstrated exactly what I would need to do in order to be a successful coach. (Posted on 9/7/2017)

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