Making the Political Process Work for You Versus Against You

This hour-long webinar will provide learners with a basic understanding of politics, power, influence, and the many ways that parks and recreation agency leaders can use these elements to guide operational practices. This is part of the Continuing Professional Development Webinar Series. 





Power and influence are important tools for leading parks and recreation agencies at all levels. Understanding how one accrues and uses power to influence decision-making is really understanding politics. Through this webinar, learners will better understand how they can take advantage of political processes and use both hard and soft power to benefit their agencies and communities.

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Webinar Structure

Introduction and Administrative
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Using the webinar tools
  • CEU registration on ProValens
Politics Defined
  • What is politics
  • How to define politics using power (hard and soft power)
  • Understanding stakeholder influence analysis
  • Every community is different
A Case Study or Two
  • Smaller community
  • Large community
Operational Practices and Factors in the Political Process
  • Develop list of how to act and what to consider in politics
Concluding Comments

Webcast format

This webcast was conducted through online conferencing software and captured for future viewing. This webcast includes a digital recording of the presentation.

Course Completion

To be awarded an electronic certificate of completion for attending or viewing this webcast, you must successfully complete a brief assessment to demonstrate your understanding of key course concepts.

Be able to:

  • Define politics.
  • Define hard and soft power.
  • Describe how political power affects park and recreation agencies.

Aired: 17 November 2015

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This professional development webinar series was brought to you by the Indiana Park and Recreation Association.


Good overviewReview by Michael
Parallels what I've experienced. (Posted on 1/14/2019)
It was good. The first course I have had like this. Review by Heather
For me it would be helpful to have a slide presentation that you can review after watching the course. One you can download or print out to read over in case you need to review some of the information that was provided. (Posted on 10/31/2018)

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