Interpretive Talk

Learn practical steps for creating an effective and well-crafted interpretive talk.




A carefully crafted and well-executed interpretive talk provides visitors with a chance to explore what a site means to them. Providing visitors with the opportunity to connect both emotionally and intellectually to resource meanings deepens visitors’ experiences and helps lead to resource preservation. This course will walk you through practical steps for creating an effective interpretive talk.

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Course Schedule

This course is self-paced, allowing learners the flexibility to complete the course as quickly or slowly as they need. While exploring course content, learners can investigate topics in greater detail through enrichment activities that link to real-world examples, original source materials, and policy documents. Learners can easily move from section to section as they navigate through the course, revisiting concepts as needed.

Elements of the course:

  • Informational text
  • Interactive practice activities
  • Learn More opportunitites
  • Informal assessment quizzes
  • Supplemental reference materials
  • Final assessment

After completing all course activities, you will complete a brief assessment to demonstrate your understanding of key course concepts. Upon successful completion of the assessment, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Course Chapters

  • Knowledge of the Resource
  • Knowledge of the Audience
  • Topics, Goals, Objectives, and Themes
  • Assemble the Program
  • Putting the Pieces Together

Be able to:

  • Identify methods to gather accurate information about the site and the audience.
  • Identify techniques that are appropriate for the audience, resource or site, and the interpreter, including methods to engage with the audience and respond to a range of needs.
  • Recognize opportunities for visitors to connect emotionally and intellectually to resource meanings.
  • Select goals and objectives that support site significance and personal relevance.
  • Select themes, points, and transitions that cohesively develop a relevant idea.
  • Identify strategies for evaluating delivery skills and improving program effectiveness.

Recommended Background

Successfully completing the free Foundations of Interpretation course provides essential background information for this course.


As the last Chapter goes "Putting All Pieces TogetherReview by Herminia
"This is a very interesting topic as here you learn knowledges of your Audiences, Resources, Goals and Themes, for some. You willl also learn how to prepare your program to have a better and meaningful Inteerpretive Talk. (Posted on 7/28/2018)
Just As the last Chapter explains "Putting the Pieces TogetherReview by Herminia
You are now more knowledgeable of your Resources, knowledge of your Audience. You now learn how to create Goals and Theme, too. (Posted on 7/28/2018)
ImpressiveReview by Herminia
It is a very useful guideline and have gained knowledge on how you can do your best for a presentable and Interpretive Talk. (Posted on 7/28/2018)
Happy and contentment is what i felt after taking this courseReview by Herminia
I gained more knowledge of this course which is very helpful and help me understand well to have a meaningful and memorable interpetive talk so visitors will have a good memory of the site.
(Posted on 7/28/2018)

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