Instructor Training Certificate

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Provides a comprehensive overview of the underlying philosophies and theories of adult education, as well as practical application techniques for instructors, particularly as they apply to Park and Public land agencies.




The Instructor Training Certificate provides learners with a broad understanding of instructor training, particularly as it applies to park and public land agencies and their need to train adults. While the practice of adult instruction has evolved over recent decades, the fundamental principles covered in this certificate remain highly relevant and are the foundation upon which future training techniques will be built. This series of e-courses will present a comprehensive overview of the underlying philosophies and theories of adult education, as well as provide practical application techniques for instructors.

Upon successful completion of this certificate, you’ll receive a verified certificate issued by the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands, Indiana University.

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Course Schedule

This program allows for complete flexibility. You may take a couple of months or up to a year to complete the program. The Eppley Institute recommends that you complete one course and all companion assignments each month to ensure maximum retention and connection of material.

Course Progression:

  • Course 1: Introduction to the Instructor Training Program - Preview for Free
  • Course 2: Understanding Goals and Objectives
  • Course 3: Philosophical Foundations of Adult Learning
  • Course 4: Characteristics of Adult Learning
  • Course 5: Methods of Delivery
  • Course 6: Communication Skills
  • Course 7: Classroom Management
  • Course 8: Assessment and Evaluation

The certificate program includes the following elements:

  • Eight self-paced, self-study e-courses
  • Independent study assignments, which are reviewed by course instructors, with substantive feedback provided
  • A Distributed Learning Platform site for storage of work and feedback

Be able to:

  • Explain why professionally designed and delivered training for employees of Parks and Public Lands Agencies is necessary and valuable.
  • Construct lesson plans using learning objectives.
  • Develop a personal philosophy about adult education integrating evidence from adult education philosophies
  • Identify major factors that have an impact on the learning processes of the adult learners.
  • Identify delivery methods and their applicability in learning contexts.
  • Create a safe learning environment that emphasizes ethics and diversity.
  • Develop a training evaluation plan using data gathered from training assessments

Recommended Background

The course will be most beneficial for professionals in parks and public lands agencies or non-profit organizations who desire to advance their training skills.


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