Post-Centennial Microlearning

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Learn about the programs and initiatives started by the National Park Service after the 2016 Centennial.





Explore foundational concepts of accessibility and disability through our new micro-learning series!

The Foundations of Accessibility micro-learning series introduces disability and accessibility as a social construct and intends for the learner to consider the varied experiences of individuals with or affected by disability as a practical application to parks and recreation facility management and programming.

Why micro learning?

Micro learning courses are an excellent way to learn content in quick and focused segments. These concise and informative courses enable learning when time is limited. The use of video and other instructional techniques make this an engaging experience for the learner and provide a unique alternative to our full-length courses.

Be able to

After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Be able to articulate the goals of the National Park Service since 2016.
  • Know the new parks which have been established since 2016.
  • Be able to articulate how the goals of the NPS line up with the establishment of new parks.


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